Oscar’s Grind – A Strategy For The Patient Roulette Player

What is the Oscar’s Grind betting strategy?

Oscar’s Grind is a roulette betting strategy that is primarily used on even chance bets (such as red or black, odd or even.) It has also been called Pluscoup or Hoyle’s Press. The goal of Oscar’s Grind is to come out one unit ahead and then end your session. In this context, a unit is any denomination from a penny up to thousands of pounds, depending on the amount of money at your disposal and the limit of the table you’re playing at. The “grind” portion of the name refers to the way that the system looks to extract small one-unit gains per session, and slowly chip away at the casino’s bankroll over time.

Oscar’s Grind is a great live casino roulette strategy, but of course, it can also be used when playing roulette online since the same principles apply.

How Does Oscar’s Grind Work?

The central premise of Oscar’s Grind is to increase your bets when winning, but keep your bet the same when losing. Oscar’s Grind is a roulette strategy that aims to capitalize on the winning and losing streaks that players often find themselves encountering. By keeping bets low on losing streaks, you can minimize losses. Conversely, increasing bets during winning streaks have the potential to really maximize your gains.

The basic rules of the system are:

– If you win on your first bet, you have come out 1 unit ahead and your play session ends.

– If you lose a bet, you will bet the same amount on your next spin.

– When you win a bet (not on the first spin), you will bet one more unit than previous on the next spin.

– One exception to the above rule is that if you need fewer units to reach a 1 unit profit, then you only bet the necessary units to reach that point.

– Bets are only increased one unit at a time to avoid escalating too quickly.

– You end your session when you reach a 1 unit profit.

Here is an example session:

Spin 1: Bet £1 and lose (Overall -£1)

Spin 2: Bet £1 and lose (Overall -£2)

Spin 3: Bet £1 and win (Overall -£1)

Spin 4: Bet £2 and lose (Overall -£3)

Spin 5: Bet £2 and win (Overall -£1)

Spin 6: Bet £2 and win (Overall £1)

End session since £1 profit achieved.

The System’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Overall, Oscar’s Grind is a robust and conservative betting system. It doesn’t require an enormous bankroll and provides excellent protection against losing streaks. However, it does also come with some weaknesses. Oscar’s Grind doesn’t allow for big wins since your overall goal is to come out just one unit ahead. This betting system also requires consecutive wins in order to successfully work. It cannot provide a winning result on alternating wins and losses, or choppy patterns. Like nearly all betting systems, it also does not guarantee a win every session.


Although its name sounds more like something you’d receive at a strip club than something associated with gambling, the Oscar’s Grind Roulette System is an excellent positive progression betting system. However, it does come with some drawbacks. Conservative players with smaller bankrolls may find that it provides favorable results. However, those with sizeable bankrolls that seek larger wins may want to try another system such as the Martingale system. It’s also important to remember that no betting system is 100% effective, and there is always a risk that you will lose everything or find yourself in a loss that you can’t recover from. However, using a betting system will often provide a much higher chance of ending your session with a profit instead of a loss, as opposed to just betting randomly.

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