Finding Live Casino Apps Doesn’t Need To Be Hard Whether You Have An Android Or iOS Phone

If you are a fan of gambling online then you have probably considered trying out online casino apps. Playing games through mobile casinos is becoming very popular but there is still a misconception that you can’t download real money casino apps unless you are an iOS user.

Due to the restriction placed on the Google Play store, many Android users think that there is no way to download Android casino apps. Luckily, there are ways to play mobile casino games on both iOS and Android. This article will outline how to obtain such apps, and what you can expect from real money casino apps on your mobile device.

Live Casino Apps, Slots And More

With the ever expanding realm of technology, many casinos now offer highly developed apps that allow gamblers to play their favourite games on mobile devices. These range from slot games, to table games, and also live casino games with real time dealers. Playing on a mobile device gives players a simplistic way of gambling using their touch screen to control the games. Although not all mobile apps support all of the games that you will find on a desktop casino site, they are usually sufficient for casual users. Some choose to gamble using mobile devices as it offers a more sociable gambling experience with friends, without having to visit a land based casino.

Mobile Casinos – An Analysis

Although some serious gamblers are opposed to mobile casinos, many casual gamblers do enjoy the features that they bring. Players are able to indulge in a multitude of games without having to sit at a desktop computer or carry around a laptop. The main benefit of mobile casino games is the flexibility to play wherever you want. The operation of the apps is also usually fairly simple, meaning it’s easy to just open the app and start playing without having to navigate a website. Some people are put off by these apps however as they are often fairly restricted in terms of deposit and withdrawals, which isn’t ideal for high rollers.

How Do I Download iOS Casino Apps?

iOS casino apps are usually the easiest to download. Users can generally find the casino app that they are looking for in the app store. In addition to this, many providers will also optimise their apps for iOS devices, some may also be only exclusively available to iOS users. If you are having trouble finding the online casino apps that you are looking for in the app store, they may be available elsewhere. Most casino providers will have download links to their apps on their main website. If this fails, then use a search engine to find out more information on whether the casino that you choose actually has a mobile app yet. Although mobile casino apps are becoming more and more common, smaller casinos, or new casinos may not developed them yet.

What About Android Casinos?

Android casinos are slightly harder to come across than iOS. As mentioned, the ban against online gambling apps in the main Android app store does limit players from accessing them. Some casinos also only have apps available for iOS users, but Android casinos are becoming more prevalent. If you are looking to download online casino apps for Android devices, the first place to look is on casino websites. Although some providers may not have apps available to Android users, this will usually be noted on the website. If the website states that the app is only available to iOS users then try another casino, there are many out there that cater to Android.

Downloading Online Casino Apps From The Internet

Although you may not be familiar with downloading apps from anywhere other than an app store, the process is fairly simple. Usually, all is required is for you to click a button and the download will start automatically. You will then be notified when it is complete. To open the app, you just need to find the icon in your app collection, and click it to get started. If you are an existing user of the desktop version of the casino app that you have downloaded, logging in should be simple. Generally, apps require the same login details that you would use on the main site. If you are a new user then you will need to make a new account on the app. This can be beneficial as many casinos offer bonuses to new mobile users.

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