Live dealers + modern videoslots = the ultimate online casino experience

Gone are days when playing on an online casino was a robotic and lonely affair. When casino games first appeared online, all that was on offer were computer generated versions of the games that you might play in a casino or games arcade. Many gamblers began to miss the human presence that makes heading down to a local casino so special. Fortunately, it is now possible to play all of your favourite games and interact with real live human beings in the process by combining live dealer casino experiences with modern videoslots.

What is a live dealer casino?

Playing live casino games with a real dealer can be achieved by tuning in to a video streamed casino game. Here, you will witness a human dealer dealing your cards or spinning the roulette wheel in real time. Players often have the option to share images of themselves via video streaming services too – so why not dress up in a tux for the occasion in true James Bond style? Live casino games that offer this video service offer you the experience of playing in a land based casino, even though you are in fact sitting on your own couch in the comfort of your own home. You can also benefit from playing against people tuning in from all corners of the globe. Tip the dealer just as you would in a bricks and mortar casino if you win big, or you are impressed with their service!

What makes a good dealer?

A good dealer makes playing on an online casino a real pleasure. With their charisma and their extensive knowledge of casino games, they will make every player feel welcome. A good dealer is a safe pair of hands, and they also have a good head for numbers. With some games such as roulette, dealers will often need to make judgement calls about who has won and so you need an excellent dealer who is able to make rational, justified hairsbreadth decisions. Consoling losers and congratulating winners with style and empathy is also something that good dealers do well. Some people play at particular local casinos quite simply because the dealer is so fantastic – the same holds true of live casino online experiences.

What are videoslots?

The earliest online slot machine games were simple graphical recreations of traditional pub fruit machines. Contemporary videoslots feel much more three dimensional and dynamic. Deploying the latest graphic artistry, and incorporating elements of storytelling and characterisation, they make the experience of playing slot machine games much more immersive and exciting. Videoslot designers are getting more and more creative, with many offering themed games. If you have ever wanted to play a slot machine game set in a magical fantasy world complete with three dimensional elves to comment on your gameplay, or if you have ever wanted to have the captain of a pirate ship crank the handle of the slot machine for you as you play on a sun scorched desert island, you are sure to be able to find the perfect slot machine game for you.

Put live dealers and modern videoslots together and you have the perfect recipe for casino fun

Many online casinos are offering both highly developed videoslot services and games with live dealers. Step into this wonderful world and you will find that your experience of gameplay is enhanced beyond anything you have experienced before. Plenty of games are available in live dealer formats, including long standing casino favourites such as roulette, blackjack and poker. A good internet connection and high quality video will be needed – the last thing that you want is for your winning streak to be interrupted by a glitch with your computer or a suddenly slow broadband speed. Some casinos offer you the ability to test your connection online before you begin playing. Live dealer games and modern videoslots can also be played via your smartphone, if you get that casino craving when you are out and about. Check if your preferred casino provides an app that you can download and use to play as you commute or wait in seemingly interminable queues. Some apps offer restricted features when compared to the desktop version of an online casino (for instance, they may not allow you to make large deposits and withdrawals), so make sure to take a look at the features and terms and conditions of any apps before you start to use them.

Try it today! It might be just the experience you have been looking for

If you have never tried out a live casino online before, today could be the perfect day to try it for size. Shop around and see which casinos are offering the games that you like to play, and keep your eyes open for any deals or bonus codes that might be available. It is very easy to get the feel for the game, and when you have a live dealer on hand, you can always let them know discreetly that you are a beginner at roulette, poker or blackjack so that they can help to guide you through the game in a fair way. Have fun, and remember to always gamble sensibly no matter what type of game it is that you are playing.