All you need to know to play live casino Roulette online

Love roulette? You simply have to try live roulette. Ditch those two dimensional games ‘against the computer’ and get ready for the immediacy and excitement of live action gameplay.

What is roulette? Roulette rules and customs

Said to have been invented by monks in seventeenth century France (and perhaps by the famous philosopher Blaise Pascal himself), roulette is essentially a game of chance. A red and reen board numbered between 0 and 34 (or 00 and 34 depending on whether you are playing with a European or North American board) is laid before you and you must choose which numbers to bet on. Then, the roulette wheel (decorated with matching red and green numbers) is spun and if it lands on your number – you win!

Roulette strategies

Some players deploy definite strategies for roulette. These include strategies for where to place your bets (for instance, covering all numbers on the corner of the board, or betting on all odd numbers or all green numbers). They also include strategies for when to double your bets or cut down on them (with the infamous Martingale strategy, for example, players can find the size of their bets shooting up and up quite rapidly). It is up to you whether you use a strategy or simply bet on your lucky numbers (such as your kids’ birthdays). Key advice, however, is that if you do choose to use a strategy, stick to it scrupulously and do not abandon it half way through a game of roulette.

How does live casino roulette work?

Live roulette uses the same roulette rules as any game of roulette, but with the added excitement of a live dealer. Players tune in at the appointed time and watch a live streamed video of a human croupier (the name for a roulette dealer) taking bets, spinning the wheel and generally keeping the game running in good order. Some casinos enable players to tune in via their own webcams too so that they can see each other. Alternatively, you can play anonymously or select an avatar that reflects your inner being. Choose an alien, an accurate depiction of your own face, a famous character from history or popular culture – whatever takes your fancy. Mathematical technology is used to display the bets, points and results for each player to the side of their screen. At points, the dealer may need to decide a tricky or ambiguous case – this is one of the advantages of having a live dealer. If you win, do not forget to tip the dealer! This, and many other conventions of land based casinos (such as thanking the dealer at the end of the game) are very much a part of playing live casino roulette.

Have you tried live roulette yet?

Everyone should try the live version of this classic game of fate at least once. There is something about the charm and charisma of a good dealer, and the thrill of seeing a wheel wheel spin in real time (and not just a computer generated graphic of a wheel) that makes the whole experience so much more exciting. Hundreds of thousands of live games of roulette start up every day, so you will have no difficulty finding a time to play. Another great feature of live dealer roulette is the fact that it enables players to come together from all over the world – so you can meet people that you would never otherwise have been able to meet.

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